Headaches Can Be Devastating and Debilitating – Get Help from Dr. Marc Browner

If you suffer from chronic and recurring headaches, you are not alone. According to statistics, nine out of 10 Americans suffer from some sort of headaches. Many people have headaches so severe that they become nauseated, dizzy, and/or have to miss work. Still, approximately two-thirds of all headache sufferers simply endure the pain, try to mask it with over-the-counter medications, and their headaches remain undiagnosed. Dr. Marc Browner and the compassionate, caring staff at iChiropractic can help to provide you with relief from your headache pain.

Dr. Browner – Pain Relief from Chronic Headaches

Headaches are often put into categories, depending upon how long they last, where in the head the pain is present, and the level of pain caused. However, whether you are suffering from tension, migraine, or cluster headaches, the one thing you want is pain relief and the ability to return to a normal, active lifestyle.

Dr. Browner can help to develop a treatment plan for you that will address some of the underlying causes of your headaches and can minimize your pain, the recurrence of headache episodes, and increase the overall quality of your life. Because many headaches have as their cause muscle stress and tension, regular chiropractic care in combination with various other natural, non-invasive treatments can help to reduce those tensions by keeping your spine in proper alignment thereby eliminating the pressure on surrounding tissues and nerves. Other headaches can be brought on by trigger foods or stressful situations, and Dr. Browner can help you to develop a diet and exercise plan that will enable you to heighten your body’s own natural ability to stave off and fight headaches.

Enjoy an All-Around Improved Quality of Life with Relief from Tension Headaches

Constantly taking pain-relievers to fight off headaches only provides temporary relief and does nothing to treat the causes or the source of your headache pain. That is why your headaches continue to recur, because the pain-killer simply masks the pain, it does nothing to truly reduce or eliminate the pain.

However, studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments, in conjunction with other therapies that Dr. Browner can provide, are effective for treating tension headaches and headaches arising from tension, strain, or spasms in the neck. Not only can manipulation provide immediate relief from pain in many instances, but it can also prevent the return of headaches in the future. Dr. Browner offers many alternatives to the over-the-counter, pain-masking of headaches, including:

  • Chiropractic adjustments – Improves spinal alignment, reduces stress on your overall system
  • Nutritional counseling – Diet changes that can reduce frequency of headaches
  • Massage therapy – Increases the overall functioning of the immune system, reduces stress, soothes sore muscles
  • Exercise advice – Posture improving and work-related exercises and relaxation techniques that can help to alleviate muscle tension and joint irritation.

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