Chiropractor Dr. Marc Browner – Effective Treatment for your Arthritis

The pain and stiffness that comes from arthritis can be devastating and debilitating. Dr. Browner and the highly trained staff at iChiropractic and Wellness in Naples, have extensive experience in helping arthritis patients to live pain-free and to be able to move more freely. In addition, with regular chiropractic care, arthritis sufferers can avoid the more damaging consequences of their arthritis.

Arthritis Pain Relief with Dr. Browner

Not only will Dr. Browner treat your arthritis with non-invasive chiropractic care and other therapies, he will also help you to develop your own diet and exercise plan so that you can better maintain the alignment of your spine so that other health problems can be avoided. With an overall health plan, you will not only be able to reduce the pain associated with your arthritis, but to enjoy greater well-being.

Enjoy an All-Around Improved Quality of Life with Chiropractic Care

Whether you are suffering from osteoarthritis or must deal with the painful reality of rheumatoid arthritis, Dr. Browner will work with you to develop a treatment plan to improve your quality of life and reduce your symptoms as much as possible. By combining various treatments and therapies with chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Marc Browner and his caring, compassionate staff can bring you relief you may have never imagined was possible. Among some of the more effective treatments for arthritis are the following:

  • Chiropractic adjustments – Restoring spinal subluxations into proper alignment allows your body’s natural healing mechanisms to function at their fullest capacity. Pressure to nerves and other tissues is reduced and the life-sustaining flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients moves more freely to the spine and throughout the rest of the body. In addition, proper alignment results in better posture which means that your body will not be trying to overcompensate and put unnecessary strain on particular areas of your body.
  • Therapeutic exercises – Regular exercise designed specifically for you and your symptoms can help you to maintain a normal range of motion, as well as strengthening the muscles and ligaments surrounding painful areas so that pain is not heightened by stiffness, soreness, or tension in those muscles.
  • Massage therapy – By alleviating stress and decreasing tension in sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons, massage therapy can often bring relief to arthritis sufferers by relaxing areas of the body long held captive by stiffness and spasms.
  • Other therapies – Many arthritis patients have experienced pain relief from ultrasound and/or electric muscle stimulation. Dr. Browner will analyze your symptoms and condition to determine if these therapies might be helpful for you.

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Dr. Marc Browner has served the South Florida area as a chiropractor for over 19 years. With offices in Naples and Weston, Dr. Browner & iChiropractic bring professional chiropractic care to you using the latest technology and techniques. To begin your journey to wellness and/or to find respite from pain, contact iChiropractic at (239) 300-1756 (Naples office) or Windmill Chiropractic at (954) 217-4881 (Weston office). If you prefer, you can fill out the easy online form and Dr. Browner’s office will contact you.