Enjoy the Benefits of Intersegmental Traction from Naples Fl Chiropractor Dr. Marc Browner of iChiropractic and Wellness

Dr. Marc Browner wants all of his patients to enjoy the best overall health and well-being that they can attain. Dr. Browner believes that high-quality chiropractic care combined with other natural, non-invasive therapies and procedures provide the safest, most effective way to maintain a pain-free, active lifestyle. One of the therapies that Dr. Browner utilizes to help patients get the most out of their chiropractic care is intersegmental traction.

Dr. Marc Browner – Stretching Joints Between Vertebrae with Intersegmental Traction

When the discs in your spine have become compressed for whatever reason, intersegmental traction can induce passive motion so that the spaces between those joints are increased. The increased space allows for greater blood and oxygen flow which, in turn, enables all of the needed nutrients to reach the disc while unwanted toxins and other waste are carried away. Intersegmental traction can also help the muscles and other tissues surrounding the vertebrae to relax, thus making spinal manipulation easier when chiropractic adjustments are done.

Intersegmental Traction Achieved by a Roller Table

Dr. Browner uses a roller table to induce the passive motion benefits of intersegmental traction for his patients. The table, which resembles a low bed, has rollers just below the surface upon which a patient lies, face up. The rollers are adjusted according to the patient’s height and weight to provide just the right amount of pressure to achieve the desired traction. As the patient lies on the table, the rollers move up and down the length of the spine, vibrating as they go, providing the stretching action needed to open up the spaces between the vertebrae.

The Enjoyable Benefits of Intersegmental Traction

Not only will intersegmental traction increase the space between vertebrae so that blood flow is increased, but most patients at Active Life Chiropractic report enjoying the treatment, as well. Patients have related many observed benefits to Dr. Browner, including:

  • The relaxing, massage-like effect of the roller table
  • Increased mobility following intersegmental traction
  • Decreased pain and greater comfort
  • Improved overall sense of well-being

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