Get Help from Chiropractor Dr. Marc Browner If You Suffer from Carpal Tunnel

The median nerve enters the hand through a tunnel-like part of the body called the carpal tunnel. The carpal tunnel is normally very narrow to begin with, so any swelling or inflammation in the area can put pressure on the median nerve, causing pain and numbness. The resulting condition is carpal tunnel syndrome, and chiropractic care has been shown to be the most effective treatment for such a condition. Dr. Browner and his staff have had years of experience in treating patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, and they can provide you with the relief that you need, as well.

Dr. Browner Can Help You Get Pain Relief from Carpal Tunnel

The causes of carpal tunnel can be varied. In many instances, the irritation is the result of using the hand in a particular manner over a period of time, similar to a repetitive stress injury. However, there are other contributing factors, as well. Carpal tunnel tends to run in families because the tunnel is simply smaller in some people, and that narrowness tends to be genetically determined. Age can also play a role, as can gender, since women suffer more from the syndrome than men, perhaps because of a narrower tunnel. Other medical conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, and thyroid issues can also lead to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Enjoy an All-Around Improved Quality of Life with Relief from Carpal Tunnel

If you have experienced inexplicable numbness and/or pain in one or both hands, wrists, or extended elbows, you may be suffering from carpal tunnel. The earlier that treatment is begun, the more successful it will likely be. Dr. Browner can devise a treatment plan for you that will not only relieve your pain symptoms but will also address the underlying cause of those symptoms. Non-invasive chiropractic care is extremely effective in dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, even when other doctors have recommended surgery. Often, what patients are suffering from is not carpal tunnel, per se, but a neck misalignment or spinal issue that is causing the problem. Regardless, Dr. Browner can help you with all-natural therapies and chiropractic adjustments. Several therapies have been particularly successful in addressing carpal tunnel issues. Included among these are:

  • Manipulation – Often, when the spine or neck is out of alignment, it can contribute to carpal tunnel-like symptoms. Dr. Browner can perform chiropractic adjustments that will eliminate spinal subluxations that are causing or contributing to your symptoms. Dr. Browner can also manipulate the arm and wrist affected if that is indicated.
  • Ultrasound – By pulsing sound waves into the area of the carpal tunnel, inflammation and pain can be reduced and surrounding muscles relaxed.
  • Wrist supports – Supports can maintain proper alignment in the wrists and hands in order to treat carpal tunnel or prevent it from developing altogether. In addition, ice packs have proven to be effective in reducing inflammation in the area.
  • Other therapies – When indicated, Dr. Browner may suggest other therapies, such as electric muscle stimulation, flexion distraction, or message therapy to help provide relief from the pain and suffering you are experiencing due to carpal tunnel

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