Chiropractor Dr. Browner of iChiropractic in Naples and Can Bring You Relief from Neck Pain

The neck serves as the conduit for all of the nerves that run from the brain to the various parts of the body. It is also responsible for supporting the head and enabling the full 12 pounds of it (on average) to turn in nearly every direction. Unfortunately, all of these functions make the vertebrae, muscles, and nerves in the neck highly susceptible to injury. It also means that neck pain can be extremely debilitating. Fortunately, when you are experiencing neck pain, as most people do at some point in their lives, Dr. Browner and the compassionate and friendly staff can provide you with the relief and healing you need.

If You Are Suffering from Severe Neck Pain – iChiropractic and Wellness Can Help

Neck pain can arise from various causes, some organic and some mechanical, which is why it is so important for you to see Dr. Browner so that he can evaluate your symptoms and determine the source of your neck pain and develop the non-invasive, all-natural treatment plan that will address your specific needs and circumstances. Whether you have a constant dull ache in your neck, a shooting or radiating pain extending from your neck into your shoulders, arms, or back, are experiencing extreme headaches, or have tingling and/or numbness in your arms and feet, Dr. Browner will thoroughly analyze your case to determine whether you are suffering from muscle strain, whiplash, a cervical herniated disc, a degenerative disc disease, or some other condition, and treat you accordingly.

You Can Improve Your Quality of Life and Be Pain-Free

After evaluating your neck and spine, Dr. Browner will help you to return to your regular activities, obtain freedom from pain, and eventually have an improved overall quality of life with any of the following treatments:

  • Chiropractic adjustments – Cervical manipulation can help to improve the range of motion in your neck as well as relieving pressure, pain, and stiffness in the surrounding muscles and tissues.
  • Cervical decompression – This therapy can gently increase the space between the vertebrae in your neck, reducing pressure in a completely safe and non-invasive fashion.
  • Massage therapy – Not only does massage therapy often provide immediate pain relief, it also improves muscle tone and can increase the range of motion in your neck by improving circulation, relaxing muscles, and minimizing inflammation in injured tissues.
  • Therapeutic exercise – A stronger neck is less vulnerable to injury, so Dr. Browner can help you to devise an exercise plan that will strengthen the surrounding muscles so that injury and pain will not be a recurring problem.

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